For starters I’m not famous, I’m not an ex-pro and if my identity was ever revealed, 99.99% of the population would ask “Who the f**k is that, so why call yourself The Secret Football Fan?”.

The purpose of my blog is not to have fans starting websites as to who I might be.  I would be flattered by the interest obviously, but this is more just a place to write my opinions and views on the game and other topics I find of interest along the way.

I’m a Manchester United fan (not from Manchester “shock” – glory-hunter, yeah I know).  The footballing bug came about in the late-80s.  My first proper memories of the game were Arsenal winning the title at Anfield – “Thomas driving through the midfield…” still sends a shiver down my spine to this day!

So why wasn’t I a Gooner??  My Dad is probably the reason for that.  My friends were Chelsea, Spurs and Nottingham Forest fans, but my old man was adamant I should follow United and looking back I’m kind of glad I did!

Whilst I followed United from afar, I also developed a big passion for non-league football.  In my time I’ve been supporter, player, player/manager, secretary, treasurer, programme and website editor of my local football club.

Having such an active involvement in a football club does take over your life though and I’ve been through a lot of highs and lows with my club over the past couple of decades.  It got too much eventually, so whilst I will still follow them with great interest, I’ve decided to move on from that and seek pastures new.

The intention is to get to as many games as I can and write about my experiences.  I met chap in the not too distant past who has his own company.  He is mainly about Customer Service and visits organisations anonymously and provides honest feedback on the experience.

Instead of their usually mind-numbing and uninspiring seminars, the FA asked this chap to work with them to help clubs improve the overall experience of fans in League and Non-League Football.  My club were involved in this initiative and the experience struck a chord with me.

Reviews and experiences, particularly for clubs in the lower echelons of the Football Pyramid, could be the difference in whether a new fan comes down to the club or not, so I hope to tell you about my visits to different clubs – what I liked, what I didn’t and hopefully this will provide insight and a bit of spotlight for the clubs and grounds I visit.

I also have a few stories to tell from my time in the game, so I will share them here too.

Finally, thanks for visiting my blog.  I’m always happy to hear from fellow supporters, so feel free to email me thesecretfootballfan@outlook.com or follow me on Twitter and Instagram.